Why are we doing this?

Because coding is the most important job skill of the future. Everybody should get the chance to learn how to code.
So we want to make it easy for you. We have put together a free online course, designed for beginners, to be taken at your own pace and led and guided by experts from the Ironhack team. There's no excuse - we dare you to learn how to code.


Learning to code on your own can be tough. The challenge is led and supervised by the Ironhack team. We will provide feedback and assistance every step of the way.



Learn at your own pace - you decide how much time you spend. The course is designed for complete beginners, but will challenge the most experienced coders by the end.



Learning to code is much better with other people. You will be able to meet other participants through our Slack channel, and we will be hosting 3 awesome events in Berlin.

What You Will Learn


HTML is the language to describe your website, where you write all your titles, paragraphs, images, etc.

<button id="btn">
  My button


CSS is the language to make your website beautiful.

#btn {
  background-color: red;


JavaScript is a programming language, that can execute instructions and make webpages interactive.

  .onclick = function() {
    alert('You clicked!')


6 March - 19 March
Application Period

Apply to enter the challenge. We will only accept the most motivated applicants. Once accepted, you will gain access to our Slack channel and receive further instructions.

Enter the challenge

20 March
Challenge Kick-off

We begin! We will be hosting a kick-off event in Berlin. You can join here. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, it will be recorded & live streamed.

See the event

19 April
Mystery Event


See the event

3 May
End Party

The challenge is over! Only the most resilient will have become master coders. We will throw a party in Berlin to celebrate.

See the event

Your Instructors

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Alvaro Rojas

Alvaro learned web development in a 9-week bootcamp and he uses his skills to build websites such as the one you are currently in. He is now Expansion Lead for EMEA at Ironhack.

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Maxence Bouret

Maxence started programming at the age of 14 and practised web development for dozens of companies. He is now teacher at Ironhack and helps people becoming web developers. He loves simple, beautiful and efficient websites!

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Application are over for the 2018 Berlin Coding Challlenge but you can leave your email for the next challenge!

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